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About Us

I love what I do…

I began my own shop in 2007 after seeing a need BEACHSIDE for a car stereo shop. I am a small shop with low overhead, which means I have the ability to pass on the savings to you. My business is located in the Beachside Business Park/Storage Complex on Tomahawk Drive, Indian Harbour Beach. You will note the famous “Beachside Lighthouse” at the end of Tomahawk, and I am immediately north of it.

My love for loud audio began way before I even owned a car. My home stereo could be heard two blocks away. After my first car purchase, I transferred the home stereo into the car (lack of money necessitated THAT). Immediately, of course, I was “into” car stereos. Managing an automotive paint and body shop later was interesting, BUT. . . my love for car audio prevailed. Most of the money I made at the body shop went into my car system. Wanting to take my love further, I attended Installer Institute (a car stereo school) and graduated at the top of my class with a MECP (Mobile Electronics Certified Professional) degree. After that, I started working at a car audio shop on Rt. 192 where I remained for eleven years until I decided to open my own shop. While there, I had an awesome mentor who had been in the business for 20 years. His knowledge and kindness helped polish up my skills. While there and working full time, I attended UCF and earned my BS degree in PSYCHOLOGY. Well, my love for car stereos won out over working with “crazies”.

I answer my own phone and figure out the best options for your car, while keeping your budget in mind. I do all the installs thus avoiding any middle man.

While I prefer your dropping off your vehicle, if you need to stay, I will do my best to make your wait as short as possible, while keeping you informed of the progress from start to finish. There is complimentary Wi-Fi access.

I was born BEACHSIDE (Cape Canaveral Hospital) in 1977 and remained BEACHSIDE (Satellite Beach). This equates to my having that laid-back BEACHSIDE attitude (as opposed to some “Big-City” high-pressure folk.) Therefore, I will not “bullshit” you nor try to see you a bunch of things you do not need just to fatten my wallet. (NOT that I don’t WANT you to buy a bunch of stuff!)

I always make sure my customers are happy before leaving. My clientele goes from teens and their first “wheels” to seniors. I continually am learning the latest in equipment and updating my technical skills. Please consider me when you are ready for your first system – or to update or repair the one you now own.

Thank you for taking time review my page and I hope to see you soon,

Scott Carver, Owner 2 – Bit Car Tunes

TEL: 321-777-2248

ADDRESS: 140 Tomahawk Drive Indian Harbour Beach, FL 32937